World Healing Circle

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Who are we?
Healers from all over the world are gathered in the World Healing Circle to spread Love, Light, Peace and Spiritual Growth around this world, to touch the Hearts & Souls of all the people living on our Earth.

The members of the World Healing Circle are sending healing to:
- The wellbeing of all life on Earth (humans, animals and the Earth/nature)
- Peace
- Understanding and respect among all people
- Spiritual growth for all people on Earth

Join the World Healing Circle now and start healing the world!
Indepent of religion, spiritual believes or view of life, everyone can join in on the World Healing Circle. You don't have to be an experienced healer. Everyone is able to send thoughts of Light, Love and Peace. In our Articles section you can find an article named: 'Getting started' where you can learn how to interact.

You can join in at the World Healing Circle Healings at specific times every day. Because of the timezones the healings will spread around our Earth like a wave. A wonderfull wave of Love, Light and Peace.
- Every day we send healing to our goals for 7 minutes at 07:00 and 19:00.
- Every sunday morning we send healing to our goals between 09:00 and 10:00 and
- Every sunday evening between 21:00 and 22:00.
- Every wednesday evening between 21:00 and 22:00.

These specific times are not required of course; you can send healing to our goals at whatever time suits you best, and for as long as you like. Every minute of healing is welcome and so much needed!
To learn more about the timezones: click here for a worldclock

Becoming a member is quit easy and completely free!
Just fill in the form in the members section on this website and we will send you an e-mail for verification and with more information.
There also will be an online forum soon, where you can come in contact with other members. 

Unlike a lot of other healing circles and groups, the World Healing Circle is not for sending healing to individuals. 

Non Commercial!
The work of the World Healing Circle is in no way commercial; there are no paid services or advertising and membership is totally free. All work is done by volunteers.

I hope that, after reading the information on this website, you will decide to give a little of your time, to take part in the World Healing Circle and help to create a better world where Light, Love and Peace is in the hearts of every human being.

Hoping that you will join the World Healing Circle,

And with Love, Light and Peace,

UmaKi White Wolf
(Founder of the World Healing Circle)