World Healing Circle

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Mission statement of the World Healing Circle:
There are a lot of individuals and groups working, in their own way, for the healing of our Earth, nature, peace, the wellbeing of all living and spiritual growth of humanity.
The World Healing Circle is trying to connect these individuals and groups and their healing energies.

Together we can really change the world!

The World Healing Circle is (and needs to be) indepent of religion, spiritual believes and view of life. Everyone who is trying to bring more Light, Love and Peace to our planet is welcome to become a member. 

As a member, there are no rules you have to follow, on this website we only make some suggestions in the form of prayers, affirmations, mantra's and meditations. 
The World Healing Circle connects and links the people and the healingenergies. When an individual or group joins the World Healing Circle, their healings will 'link' with the healings of the other members, which will result in a much more powerfull Healing.

Because it is important that the World Healing Circle is independent there is not much information about healing, religion, spirituality etc. on our website. There allready is so much information on the internet. One who is searching will find what he/she needs.

The World Healing Circle started in januari 2006 and is steadily expanding. Individuals and groups from all four corners of the world are joining in and the 'group energy' is getting stronger and stronger.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me an email.